Desert Conditions

T-Track is ideally suited for sandy and desert environments as there is absolutely no impact on the design and the performance of the superstructure. The resilience and attenuation of the pad between the rail and beam is not affected at all.

Metro Platforms

T-Track is a fixed geometry system. The PTI (platform train interface) is fixed and is wheelchair friendly and offers passengers safe and comfortable embarking and dis-embarking.

Underground Mining & Tunnels

T-Track is ideally suited for underground applications and stems back as far back as 1989. Due to its continuously rail supported design, the system is also suitable for trackless underground mining vehicles.

Heavy Haul

T-Track is ideally suited for heavy haul installations including tight radius balloons. Due to the continuous rail support, rail fatigue is reduced and extends the rail life.

Main Lines

T-Track is ideal for long distance main lines due to the simplicity of the installation and the low cost of maintenance.

Other Aplications

The T-Track system is suitable for a wide range of applications. The system design is extremely flexible to fulfill a variety of applications.

In-motion weigh bridges



Level crossings

Wash Bays

Loading Facilities

Theme Parks

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